Mr. Jürg Wieland is partner and chairman of the newly founded company, Mentaltrainer MW GmbH and contributes experience within the fields of corporate development and management. For 15 years, Jürg worked for a globally-positioned Swiss industrial company. While working in other European countries, he established a new  branch in Portugal, before moving on to manage the French branch in Paris. In this  capacity he managed about 60 employees and achieved an annual turnover of 35 million Euro.  Prior to this responsibility, he established new branches for this company in Latin America.

Jürg successfully finished his studies to graduate as a business economist at the University of Applied Sciences, and holds an MBA from an American University in General Management and Marketing. He gained further training and attended courses at the University of Maryland (Developing Innovative ideas for New Companies) and at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration (Grow to Greatness).

Jürg worked and lived in several different countries in Latin America: first in Uruguay, then Venezuela, where he was working in sales for Nestlé. He also lived in Peru, where he was principal advisor and project manager for the Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). This was an important asset in increasing his leadership skills and enabled him to work with people in different multi-cultural environments.

Jürg is a freelance auditor for a larger Swiss company.

Jürg has an excellent spoken and written command of German, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Jürg is member and Past President of Rotary Club.

Jürg Wieland
Business Economist, MBA

CH-9000 St. Gall

Tel: +41 71 950 28 70

Rinaldo Manferdini is partner and managing director of the Mentaltrainer MW GmbH company. Being a former competitive athlete in the disciplines of Alpine skiing, football and judo, Rinaldo gained practical experience in mental training and nutrition, over many years. At the ETH Zurich he successfully studied sport, (with nutrition as a minor subject) German and history at the University of Zurich.

For more than 10 years he taught German and sport as a senior master at the Canton School Frauenfeld (Kantonsschule). Since the late 80s, he has worked with countless elite athletes, sport federations, the Swiss Olympics and is responsible for several national teams as their mental trainer and nutritionist.

Since 2006, he has supervised the field of sport psychology at the Medical Centre in Bad Ragaz (SOMC). Additionally, for several years he has worked in the role of advisor for the further training of sport psychologists and scientists at the Institute of Sport and Cardiovascular-Medicine at the University of Innsbruck.

Since 2010 he has counselled competitive athletes and business people in mental training for the Medbase-group.

As member of the practice group Olympia, which was launched by Swiss Olympic, he is preparing leading athletes for major events, such as World Cups and the Olympics.

Rinaldo is member of the Rotary Club Neckertal.

He is author of the DVD Mental Training, a production by the Federal office for Sport (BASPO, 2006), as well as the book “Prüfungsangst ade” (Goodbye Exam Nerves) (klv Verlag 2015).

Rinaldo Manferdini, lic.phil.
Mental Trainer, Smart Reading Trainer,
Sport Nutrition Coach

CH-9125 Brunnadern
Tel: +41 71 950 28 70

The successful achievements of elite athletes at Olympic games, World and European Cups resulted in the company MENTAL DRIVE entering the world stage and leading the way in Rinaldo’s mental training concepts. These concepts can also be applied to economics, business, industry, politics and banking business, which then led to the establishment of the company Mentaltrainer MW GmbH, which focuses on people in working and industrial environments.

As a smart reading trainer he also holds workshops for companies, schools, politicians and private individuals. Together with Hans Peter Niederhäuser, Rinaldo wrote the teaching aids Smart Reading for lower, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as the teaching aid book Smart Reading, published in the klv publishing house.

Business Partner

Tina E. L. Dyck is a business partner of Mentaltrainer MW GmbH. Since adolescence she has been active in competitive equestrian sports including showjumping and dressage.  Later Tina specialised as an equine-physiotherapist (including osteopathy) working within the field of equine-rehabilitation for competitive sports. Since 2005, she has supported clients and elite athletes with their horses in national and international competitions as an FEI qualified trainer. In 2009, after years of being an active trainer, Tina passed the highest trainer qualification within the equestrian sport in Warendorf, Germany: Trainer A+ competitive sports, additional level for jumping and dressage (M/S, FEI-qualified).

From 2000 – 2012 Tina worked in Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA, Sweden, England, Italy and Austria. She held seminars, clinics and workshops and achieved exceptional success nationally and internationally – as an active rider, as well as trainer.

Due to the invaluable experience she gained as an active rider and trainer within the competitive equestrian world, mental training became an increasingly important element within the daily routine. In 2006 Tina started writing mental guidelines for her clients.  Additionally, she specialized in the field of nutrition, to satisfy the needs of discerning and high-profile clients and their challenging and individual situations.

In 2014 Tina graduated as a English to German translator / interpreter HDS. Her specialisation in medical and financial translation as well as her work as a simultaneous interpreter provided essential insights into the challenges and needs of globally active entrepreneurs.

Due to her combination of long-term practical expertise in mental training and competences in sport, business and linguistics, Tina found the Mentaltrainer MW GmbH, with which philosophy she can identify completely.

Tina E.L.Dyck
Mental Trainer, Smart Reading Trainer,
Sport Nutrition Coach
Interpreter/Translator HDS
Equipe – Trainer A* competitive sport

CH-7220 Schiers
Tel: +41 79 832 19 82

Christoph von Felten is a partner of Mentaltrainer MW GmbH. Being an experienced mental trainer, coach, consultant and manager; he supports people in reaching their personal goals and assists corporations during phases of change and restructure.

Additionally, Christoph supports managers and specialists with their personal career planning and helps them to move forward in their area of expertise. Furthermore, he leads training workshops focusing on communication, Linkedin, leadership and management.

Enriching his work as a mental trainer, Christoph von Felten has more than 25 years of leadership experience in international technology and pharmaceutical corporations. He and his global team of over 80 project managers were responsible for development projects and have put several medical products successfully on the market. Due to his long-term and extensive experience as a project manager and head of department, Christoph offers an in-depth knowledge of project management and can apply this in both conventional and more innovative spheres of project work. Experience in change management, due diligence and Interims management complete his profile. He speaks fluent english.

As a former ice-hockey player and professional ice-hockey trainer, he understands team dynamics extremely well and knows how to use setbacks and success to grow stronger and develop improved skill-sets.

Since 2011, Christoph has been an active middle and long distance triathlete and has participated successfully in more than 20 Ironman 70.3 and Ironman competitions in Europe. In 2018 he participated in the world championships in the Ironman 70.3 distance in South Africa.

Christoph von Felten is Engineer (FH), certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PROSCI Change Practicioner® and is qualified Ice hockey Coach Diplom A.

Currently, he is completing his qualifications to become an organisation consultant & Coach BSO.

Christoph von Felten
Mentaltrainer/Leadership and Career
Coach/Change Consultant

CH-8645 Rapperswil-Jona
Tel: +41 79 823 49 51