Successful management development can open up new potential and formerly unknown possibilities. Take the opportunity – trust our mental training program!

The most valuable assets of every company are its employees, and the recruitment of successful executive staff is paramount to the successful running of any organisation. Pragmatically seen, a company has two options to cover the demand for executive staff:

  1. A fully developed staff recruitment scheme
  2. Development and on-going education of existing employees within the company.

Our company is highly specialised in the second option: the management development.

Management development as core aspect of personnel management

In the global study “Creating People Advantage” (2008), the Boston Consulting Group already realised the most critical and essential elements of personnel management: talent management and improving management development. Combined with a healthy work-life-balance it is one strategy, described in the “develop and retain the best employees”-study.

Qualification management and executive competences have to be adapted to the developing environment, constantly.

Personal development in a dynamic environment

What is required is a future-oriented personnel development; not reactively, but proactively.

Based on today’s ever challenging pressures and trends within business, management becomes an on-going challenge. Consequently, companies have to continuously develop and educate their employees.

Executive Coaching, in its most effective and individual form, makes an important contribution when facing these demands. Excellent executives and managers are essential in order to successfully handle various changes within the industries and marketplaces. Introducing coaching as an instrument of management development increases the chance of success and longevity in business.

Further development of competence and experience

Every ambitious company must ask which skills and competences its executives must be capable of. The competency model of the Institute for Management-Innovation demonstrates that mainly the soft factors do determine the demand of management development.


With mental coaching in management development, Mentaltrainer MW GmbH sets new standards in this area of competence. Additionally this program complies with an improved work-life-balance of each individual person.