Concentration is more than a matter of predisposition: mental training programs can specifically support you and teach you how to increase your concentration.

It is important to know which thoughts have a positive impact on your performance. As soon as you are able to focus your emotions, thoughts and behaviour towards what is important in a specific moment, you will experience the ability to actively increase your concentration. On the other hand, when you are concerned about possible mistakes, fears or disruptive factors, your thoughts will start to jump back and forth resulting in a lack of concentration.

Increasing concentration with mind control

To achieve sustainable focus, one needs to concentrate on efficiency enhancing positive thoughts. “What can I achieve” as opposed to “what might go wrong?” That asks for strong commitment, discipline and mental strength. You need to be able to exclude disruptive factors mentally, in order to increase your concentration. We have developed these skills over many years in cooperation with elite athletes, who need to focus both before and during a competition; suppressing unimportant information and only concentrating on the relevant. With the help of our mental training, we now offer this know-how to people facing challenges in their working environment.