DVD Mentaltraining

 A DVD-production from Rinaldo Manferdini in cooperation with the Federal office of Sport (BASPO)

Target audience:

Youth and young adult athletes, who are interested in mental training concepts for competitive sport. Trainers, who are interested in using this DVD in order to support their work with athletes.


Mental training concepts support athletes within their daily training routines and competitions.  They serve to provide personal best performances even under difficult and challenging conditions (e.g. high pressure to succeed or pressure of expectations; stress in uniting work / school, private life and sport), etc.

Also disruptive factors like “bad” weather conditions, provocative behaviour of competitors and other athletes, pressure and invasion from the media, schedules, etc. are factors, that can have a negative influence on our best performance.

This DVD shows practical examples to show the most common psychological ‘hurdles’ in sport, in which athletes are seeking improvement. Such as: pre start, competition, expectations, objectives, self-talk and visualisation. The training programs explained by elite athletes are defined individually. They help to reduce, overcome or eliminate the concerns listed.

Also recognised within the mental training program, is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ credo; since mental training programs have to be designed to the personal and individual needs of each athlete.

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