The Mentaltrainer MW GmbH is offering a great opportunity to those who are interested in training to become a mental trainer. A prerequisite is experience in business and personnel management. Also beneficial are experiences as a competitive or even elite athlete.

Mentaltrainer MW GmbH is offering a unique solution- and success-oriented mental training program. The Executive Coaching and mental training give optimum support to executives, management and team members and employees in challenging situations. For more than 20 years, this training concept has been successfully used by countless elite athletes and national sport teams, (see references). However, more and more politicians, managers, professionals and musicians have had success with the program.

The main focus is on emotional control in high-pressure situations. Situations such as; a professional presentation, a potentially conflict-prone discussion, a successful acquisition, an important sales agreement or a decision of success or failure. The best knowledge is of no use at all, if nerves, tension or insecurities arise.

That’s why we analyse the individual high-pressure situation with each client and determine potential performance saboteurs.

Afterwards, we develop the solution, which can be trained mentally. Just as for an athlete mastering challenging situations such as the Olympic games or World Cup competitions, it is possible to prepare important workplace situations in the same way.

The individually designed training will also meet the needs of different learning types and styles, so that the client is able to act with self-assurance and confidence. Additionally, the person will remain calm and be able to concentrate, undeterred by a high pressure situation, because all eventualities, (incl. worst case scenarios) will have been thought through.

Education to become a mental trainer with versatile curriculum

The mental trainer education programme contains 22 coaching modules, which you can have a look at the page mental training. Additionally, fields of communication, solution-oriented counselling, techniques of presentation, leading a seminar workshop, business start-up, optimised nutrition and smart reading are also part of the education.

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How can you become a mental trainer?

The Mentaltrainer MW GmbH offers a strictly regulated application procedure in order to assess the suitability of applicants. Please feel free to send your application directly to:

AddressMentaltrainer MW GmbH
Steigstrasse 27
CH-9125 Brunnadern

If the application is positively evaluated, you will be invited to attend a personal interview. If you have questions regarding the procedure, please do not hesitate to contact one of the managing directors directly:

+41 71 9502870