The Mentaltrainer MW GmbH training program is a scientifically proven training concept. The program is divided into three performance and health-related sections, which have been continuously growing over the past years: mental training, speed-reading and nutrition.

Time pressure, high expectations, and competition within a fast developing, rapidly changing market constantly requires maximum performance of individuals. This situation can easily be compared to the high level of pressure an elite athlete faces. We ensure that you will be able to perform to your best potential. You will benefit from more time due to smart reading, and balanced nutrition supports you physically to perform to your best, while staying healthy.

Mental training in sport like in business

Mental training techniques not only support elite athletes to reach their maximum performance, they are increasingly used in business. This is not surprising at all, since both areas demand high levels of performance under the highest pressure.

High pressure can arise within the working environment, due many different factors. Balancing work stresses with efforts to find the best work-life-balance, in order to meet all the expectations of your work and private life, can be extremely exhausting and overwhelming.

With the help of our mental training you learn to handle changes constructively and implement appropriate measures within your company.

Achieve more professional success, due to mental training

For many years, the mental training concept of the Mentaltrainer MW GmbH from Switzerland has been applied successfully by countless elite athletes and national sport teams. We have developed a concept, based on our extended experience within competitive sport, which perfectly meets the needs of economy and business.

The core of our work is to show you how you can control your thoughts and emotions under pressure – this way you can perform best, exactly when it counts. The mental training with its different modules can be learned and applied easily within the daily working routine.

The 24 modules of the mental training education

1. Mental Basics

Opportunities and limits of mental training methods; understanding orientation in natural science, the differentiation from the esoteric

2. Mental Pressure

To show best performance under high pressure

3. Mental Countdown

Optimal preparation for peak performance

4. Mental Focus

Different ways to concentrate & focus

5. Mental Energy

Control your emotions and use them profitably

6. Mental Theory

Stress situations: effects of psychological stress (pressure to succeed, expectations, conflicts, sales targets, etc.) on posture, facial expressions, gestures, appearance, and therefore ultimately reflecting on performance capability

7. Mental Relaxation

Techniques for relaxation, focus and regeneration

8. Mental Goals

Developing goals into trainable programs

9. Mental Selftalk

Using self-talk efficiently

10. Mental Movie

Visualising associative and dissociative

11. Mental Conflicts

Analysing disruptive factors and eliminating them; based on different learning types

12. Mental Protection

Protect yourself from negative influence, attention-directing

13. Mental Power

Strengthening staying-power, self-confidence, persuasion

14. Mental Motion

Posture, gestures, facial expressions depending on the emotional state

15. Mental Flow

Eliminating progress blockers and enhancing progress-support

16. Mental Motivation

Get to know self-motivational techniques, eliminating motivation blockers

17. Mental Philosophy

Develop a high performance attitude and eliminate negative thinking

18. Mental Killer

Replace destructive thoughts by constructive ones

19. Mental Toughness

Retaining mental strength in challenging situations and under pressure

20. Mental Control

Ambition, perfection, reliability etc. as factors of success, chances vs. risks

21. Mental Recovery

Shortening rehabilitation and convalescence after illness or injury with mental training

22. Mental Winning

Establishing a winner-mentality through mental training

23. Mental Analysis

Eliminate inappropriate behaviour by an efficient and solution-oriented analysis

24. Mental Confidence

Mentally build up your confidence and strengthen it

This mental training with its modules is easy to learn and to include in the daily routine. Training only a few minutes a day will immediately make a difference and noticeably help you establish your mental strength and ultimately to implement your career goals. Our program is strictly based on mental training of high-performance sport and natural science. It is free of esoteric influences.