Please feel free to use the Mentaltrainer MW GmbH training program to not only read more precisely, but also significantly faster!

Our coaching will not only teach you to read much faster and more accurately, but will give you the ability to adjust your reading speed to the difficulty level of the text. You can double or even triple your reading speed, while fully understanding the content of the text. Due to the flexible adjustment of your reading speed, according to the difficulty of the content, you will remain focused while reading and will be able to memorize more information.

Additionally, you will acquire different cross-reading techniques that will help you to quickly obtain an overview of the text content.

Time saving guaranteed!

By an average reading-time of 1,5 hrs per day you will gain one whole working day within three weeks. If you are regularly required to read documents at work, by using our techniques, you will maximize your working performance and productivity. As a wonderful by product of your increased productivity in the work place, you will benefit from more free-time.

How to read faster and more accurately

Our smart reading seminar is divided into 5 chapters and the learning material is specifically targeted toward the purpose of self-learning. The ultimate goal is to learn how to read significantly faster, than before. The five chapters allow you to apply the newly acquired skills into your daily routine right away.

Accompanying material for teacher

Methodical and didactical notes, instructions and suggestions will support teachers working with the training program in their own lessons. Significant improvements in the reading competence of students can be seen after only 5 sessions: they can absorb information in a much shorter time, avoid reading mistakes, remember more information, adjust their reading speed according to the text difficulty and double or even triple their reading speed.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Mentaltrainer MW GmbH, if you are interested in learning how to read faster – learn more efficiently and save time every single day!