Conflicts usually occur due to different interests, roles or positions. Since everyone is experiencing reality from their own perspective, there is no objective truth for reality, but only a personal interpretation of a situation. Hence a fertile ground for disputes and conflicts is created. Add to this the individual expectations and objectives of every individual, it becomes clear just how easy disputes can occur.

On one hand, in order to solve conflicts, the willingness of each individual to find a solution is incredibly important. On the other hand, each person needs to be convinced of being actively involved in finding a solution. The Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt once said, “What affects everybody, can only be solved by everybody“ (The Physicists). This is especially true in regards to conflict in the working environment.

Due to this, we first analyse the individual point of view, followed by reviewing the collective perspective of all individuals. Based on these conversations we develop individual solutions, as well as group-specific solutions to resolve the disagreement.