As essential as expertise and competency, mental strength is imperative for success in Business. With our Training, you will acquire the tools to reach peak mental performance!

For more than 20 years, the Mentaltrainer MW GmbH training program has been used by elite athletes to become successful. These mental training programs, by which athletes  achieve their goals and their peak performance, we now apply to the business and professional world.

Mental strength can be learned

Problems in the work place, as stress and discontentment, leads to poor performance  and lower productivity. The Mentaltrainer MW GmbH focuses on a training program increasing concentration and focus, specially designed to meet the needs of the modern economy; to support executives and employees in challenging and demanding situations, with solution oriented advice.

Additionally, with the support of our smart reading training one can learn to read faster. These strategies inevitably result in an increase in concentration, self-esteem and self-confidence within the workplace.

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Strengten self-confidence sustainably

The Mission of Mentaltrainer MW GmbH is to maximise your mental strength. Our team offers you ideal tools and dedicated support to increase your self-confidence and therefore to ensure your best performance:

  • Executives
  • Management
  • Business individuals
  • Groups.

The primary goal of our work is to teach people  how to control their emotions and thoughts and how to use them effectively, when it is needed most.

Mentaltrainer-Education with highest standards

Take a look at the Information regarding mentaltrainer-education on our website.

If you are interested to learn more about our training and education, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:

Many years of experience in mental training guaranteeing the highest standards. Our company is committed to meet essential ethical values. The training program is based strictly on scientific knowledge.

Executive Coaching for competent managers

Management development prepares your executive staff efficiently for the mental stress and exposure of such a Position: our management training contributes significantly to positive leadership development.

In addition to executive coaching, we support individuals in facing their professional challenges with our unique program.

Mentaltrainer MW GmbH offers the following benefits:

  • Many years of experience in mental coaching of professional elite athletes.
  • Highest quality standard and compliance with essential ethical values
  • Modular structure of training
  • Specialised on the needs of economy
  • Time efficient